Atomic Inferno 90 Cap

$ 34.99 $ 59.99




Inferno™ – Elite Lipolytic Thermogenic

Incinerate Your Body Fat

Inferno is a high-energy fat burner designed to shred fat quickly. Inferno reduces body fat by both suppressing appetite and dramatically increasing core body temperature, burning more calories.

It’s like doing cardio all day long! If you’re sweating, you’re losing fat.


Inferno™ Highlights:

  • Increased Metabolic Rate – contains ingredients scientifically proven to speed up metabolism (energy expenditure)
  • Provides Intense Focus – no wired, jittery feeling, a smooth and sharp focus.
  • No Crash or Jitters – Not overloaded with caffeine, resulting in effective thermogenesis (core temperature increase) without crash or jitters
  • Suppress appetite – by curbing cravings, you reduce caloric intake and burn more fat.

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