Resurrections Aminos + Fat Loss + Energy

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Take control of your strength and recovery with RESURRECTION; a hybrid supplement built with clinically formulated ingredients. Shred fat, build muscle, boost your energy levels and hydrate your muscles for faster recovery with a supplement built to be taken anytime, anywhere.


Those looking for a complete anytime amino acid formula for their summer shred should look no further than RESURRECTION.

  • Stimulate muscle protein synthesis for faster recovery
  • Buffer lactic acid and reduce muscular fatigue
  • Increase metabolism and burn more fat
  • Hydrate muscles for optimal training adaptation



The combination of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine have been shown to enhance muscle protein synthesis leading for faster recovery and greater strength.



This versatile amino acid has the ability to not only increase lipid oxidation (fat loss) but has also been shown to assist in reducing the utilization of glycogen during exercise - making it the perfect addition to any fat loss and strength formula.



Potent ands powerful amino acid that has been shown to limit fatigue enabling you to train harder, heavier and longer!



Push nitric oxide levels, improve blood flow and allow for greater strength and endurance with l-arginine. Research has shown those that supplement L-Arginine can actually enhance creatine uptake - perfect for big strength goals.



This powerful supplement has the ability to buffer lactic acid, enabling you to train harder - for longer, without feeling the effects of fatigue and soreness.



One of the most reliable ways to induce natural stimulation and increased energy. Caffeine is clinically proven to increase performance in both anaerobic activity and aerobic activity.



Once overlooked by many, green tea extract is one of the best supplements to enhance metabolic function and can even lead to a greater state of fat oxidation - perfect for improving endurance performance and fat loss.

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